Welcome! We are Project Management Services (or PM Docks) specializing in Floating Dock Installations. If you have a Home or Commercial project give us a call, we can do it. Imagine – One place for all your project requirements.

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Project Management: is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. A project is unique in that it is not a routine operation.

The Project Management Services (PM Docks) area’s of specialty include Dock Delivery and Installations. Each dock installation is unique.

Clean Up of property in preparation for sale, Re-organization of a Garage or Workshop, on site-management of a building project or management of your project.

We also offer Consulting Services for those that want to manage their own project but need some assistance.

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Bert brings a wealth of knowledge and a common sense approach to Project Management. His wide range of experience as a Builder, Custom Fabricator, Property Manager, Welder, High-Performance Technician, has left him with many skills applicable to Project Management. Whether it is a Dock Installation or other project that also requires the organization of tools and work areas or managing the complete build of the dock or a garage, Bert has the skills and the knowledge to complete the project. He always works with the Clients best interests in mind. bert

Bert doesn’t work alone. His partner and teammate JoAnn brings a whole other skill set and experience to the team. With a background in Bookkeeping, Small Business Management and Project Management the two make an unbeatable team.

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