Preferred Products

Preferred Products are products we believe in their quality and sell.

WhiteWater Docks

PRO SERIES HDPE floating docks are the toughest pipe dock on market, made of High Density Polyethylene (plastic pipe)

Featuring commercial-grade construction techniques, the Pro Series docks can be utilized as a single unit or arranged into various multi-unit configurations to suit a multitude of waterfront scenarios ranging from simple recreational layouts to full-scale marina systems.

 2020 Spring Pricing 

Interco Docks

Proudly Canadian Made - Aluminum Pipe Docks

Several types to suit your needs; Light duty, Medium duty and Heavy duty as well as web truss. All docks have removable deck panels in your choice of decking. Give us a call for a quote!

Barry's Boat Bumpers

Vertical Bumper easily attached to your dock. The bumper is adjustable up & down to protect your boat or seadoo from hitting the dock.


Revolutionary Dock Coupler, with all the parts self-contained, it offers a simple process that supports the ramp loads in alignment while actuating from above decking with a single tool.

You Will Never Lose, Drop or Misplace Parts Again !